Who is Push Leg?

About Push Leg: 

Push Leg was founded by performer/creators Camille Cettina and Anne Sorce. As a team Camille and Anne have over 20 years of professional experience as performers, creators of new work, and producers. They trained, respectively, with renowned theater artists at the London International School of Performing Arts and the Ecole Jacques Lecoq, in Paris. Each has performed both nationally and internationally, as well as having extensive experience in creating and producing original work. Together they conceive, devise and perform in new and existing works, deeply committed to a playful and inventive style. The two met at Pomona College and after ten years of national and international theatrical pursuits, have come together in Portland to forge an artistic home as the collaborative team Push Leg. In 2013 Sascha Blocker joined Push Leg as an associate artist.

Push Leg Bios:

Camille Cettina – Co-Artistic Director

Camille is a performer, director, choreographer and creator of original work.  She has worked with a wide range of companies at home and abroad including: Mulberry Theatre Company, SOHO Theatre, The Arcola, Imago Theatre, Artists Repertory Theatre, Liminal Performance Group, Oregon Children’s Theatre, COHO, and Theatre Vertigo.  Camille holds an MFA from Naropa University / London International School of Performing Arts.

Anne Sorce

Anne Sorce – Co-Artistic Director

Anne is a performer and creator of original work. She has performed with Imago Theatre (The Beaux Arts Club, The Black Lizard, Zugzwang). Other companies she has worked with include Northwest Classical, defunkt, Theatre de la Jeune Lune, Temporary Distortion, and Movementpants Dance. Anne is also a coach and performer with PlayWrite Inc. She studied clown and bouffon with Giovanni Fusetti and is a graduate of the École Jacques Lecoq.


Sascha Blocker – Artistic Associate

Sascha is a performer, director and creator of original work.  She is a founding company member of Das Collectivnost de Teatro y Ridicule International. In addition, Sascha has worked with Third Rail, Post 5, Liminal Performance Group, Dance Naked Productions, Glass Eye Theatre, the Portland Actors Conservatory, and premiered work at the 2012 Fertile Ground Festival. Sascha earned an MFA from Naropa University / London International School of Performing Arts and is also a PAC graduate.

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