On February 24th Anne and Camille will be leading a workshop that touches on the heart of Push Leg’s approach to theatre making.  (registration is now open!)

Nighthawks Sneak Peek at JAWPhoto Credit: Stephen A. Miller

We would love you to join us!  This is an exciting opportunity to broaden your skills, to deepen your understanding and to experience and develop a new way to find freedom and play in the work you do as a performer and maker.

The Workshop: Le Jeu (Play): Feb 24th

Join us for a one day intensive workshop exploring a physical approach to theater making. Based on the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, the workshop invites an investigation into a creation process comprised of both the physical form, the expressive body, and Le Jeu, the sense of play that infuses a performance with spontaneity. Play is what allows us to be truly present, playful, open, and responsive in both the creation process and in performance. Discover the dynamics of space, rhythm, and complicite (collaboration) through movement analysis and exercises, improvisation, and group work. Ideal for performers from all disciplines (actors, dancers, aerialists) the workshop is designed for both experienced performers looking to strengthen their physical presence and add to their performers toolbox as well as for beginners interested in exploring physical theater.

Time:  Sunday, Feb 24, 1-5pm

Cost:  $75.00


Come see us at JAW On Sunday July 29th at 3:40 pm & 7:40 pm – find us on the 2nd floor – you won’t be able to miss it – and it’s just 10 minutes, so don’t be late! (More details here!)

We will be performing a Ten minute sneak peek of Nighthawks, our first exploration of themes and characters, as part of JAW’s “Devise and Conquer” series.

And be sure to check out the rest of the events going on with JAW – there is a stellar line up of new plays – don’t miss “Broken Stones” by  our friend Fin Kennedy on Friday night – he’s a remarkably talented playwright from London who Camille worked with on several productions while there – small world – yay!

MARCH 22, 23 & 24
Camille is collaborating with Liminal performance group on an an immersive multimedia performance installation in response to the writings of 20th century modernist master Gertrude Stein. Celebrating the sensual musicality of Stein’s own spoken language, as well as many of the musical settings of her texts, Liminal again brings together the crème of Portland’s diverse arts scenes. Luminaries from every discipline join forces to create a total sensory experience in a warehouse performance environment.Call 503 567 8309 for tickets and information. Thomson’s Capital Capitals becomes a video-opera in the hands of Leo and Anna Daedalus; director Camille Cettina and composer John Berendzen premier One Dancing, an original music-theatre work based on Stein’s portrait of Isadora Duncan; Bryan Markovitz installs an object collection based on The Making of Americans. James Tenney becomes a sing-along in A Rose Is A Round; Doug Theriault (sound) and Stephen Miller (video) turn Stein’s Plays into a media environment, David Abel mounts an ongoing endurance reading, and Sandra Gibbons shows her Tender Buttons series of comic panels. Other collaborators include JoAnn Johnson (performance), Margie Boulė and André Flynn (voice), Stephen Alexander (piano), Jen Raynak (sound), Ben Purdy (video software), James Yeary (performative bartending) and many more.Liminal presents Gertude Stein is supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and Liminal’s dedicated individual donors.Video credit: Stephen Miller (videography) Leo Deadelus (editing)

Push Leg presents the world premiere of Mr. Darcy Dreamboat

Conceived of and created by Camille Cettina
co-devised and directed by Anne Sorce
“Deliciously promising”
(Marty Hughley, The Oregonian)

Hot on the heels of a smashing sneak peek at this year’s Fertile Ground Festival, longtime Portland Theatre Artist, Camille Cettina, is will premiere her new one-woman show, Mr. Darcy Dreamboat this Fall! A tasty treat of theatrical delights, Mr. Darcy Dreamboat is performed in a highly inventive Lecoq-based physical theatre style. This literary romp is a mash up of books and characters, from Nancy Drew – girl detective, to JD Salinger’s disenfranchised teenagers, from the romance and fantasy of Jane Austen, to T.S.Eliot’s “still point of the turning world.” Audiences embark on a journey through literary worlds they have known and loved.

Mr. Darcy Dreamboat is being created in collaboration with some of Portland’s top theater artists including John Berendzen, Mead Hunter, JoAnn Johnson, Jessica Wallenfels, Bill Tripp, Jerry Mouawad, Kollodi Norton, and NY transplant and Push Leg Co-Artistic Director, Anne Sorce.

The Details:

When: November 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19 at 8:00 pm, November 13 & 20 at 2pm

Place: Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center: 5340 North Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR

Ticket Price: $15.00

Mr. Darcy Dreamboat is funded, in part by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

AUGUST – We’ve got a draft!

For the month of August Push Leg has been in residence at the PACLab (an incubator for emerging and independent theatre artists to  develop new work) , devising and writing and continuing to develop the script for Mr. Darcy Dreamboat.

Stay tuned – we will be launching our kickstarter campaign in September, with exciting events, prizes, and all around good cheer to get this project ready for it’s Portland debut.

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